Kids’ Knee High Socks Mice - light grey with pattern - 23-25

White mice that are cheerful and easy to combine, they fit any little foot.

White mice on a soft grey background refresh with more pronounced colours of the upper hem, heel and toe. Easily combinable and cheerful on the feet of any age category. You can also find them on our adult socks .

The socks are made of high-quality cotton. To ensure the elasticity of the sock and its resistance to abrasion, polyamide fibres are added in a small amount. The special weaving of the fabric ensures that only cotton comes into contact with the skin.

Material: Cotton: 90%, Polyamide: 5%, Elastane: 5% 
Washing and maintenance: We recommend washing at a temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius. Do not tumble dry.

The socks from the Adventure Forest collection for MOE were illustrated by Ekaterina Trukhan. 
The socks are made in Slovakia.