Brightening serum with gold

The purpose of the brightening serum is to hydrate the skin, fight against pigment spots and generally protect the skin from sunlight and other adverse environmental influences.

24 carat gold has become an exceptional ingredient. It boasts regenerative effects, improves skin elasticity, accelerates the healing of wounds and scars, and above all helps to reduce pigment spots. The serum also contains other active ingredients, which include, as in the mask, brightening formulas Bright Oléoactiv, camellias for skin softening, antioxidant squalene and vitamin C-rich bergamot. Use the serum every morning under your favorite cream.

Active ingredients:

24 carat gold
Gold is proud of its regenerating effects. Among other things, it manages to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and thus improve the elasticity of the skin. Other great benefits include disinfectant effects, accelerated healing of wounds and scars and, above all, a significant reduction in the skin's susceptibility to the formation of pigment spots.

Camellia fruit oil is characterized by effects such as skin softening, hydration and nutrition. It also contributes to better blood circulation to the skin, stimulates the growth of new skin cells and thus slows down the signs of aging.

Dry oil, easily absorbed into the skin. Its antioxidant effects protect the skin from free radicals in the air and its composition also protects against sunlight. It absorbs toxins and heavy metals, which keeps the skin feeling supple and hydrated. The main benefit is the reduction of wrinkles.

The oil component, which is rich in Vitamin C. It protects the skin with its antifungal effects and significantly reduces the visibility of stretch marks, wrinkles and acne scars. It perfectly unifies skin tone and supports the even distribution of melanin.

Bright Oleoactive
Oil-based extract, made from three plants (Hibiscus, Licorice, Rice bran). It can be used to brighten or soften the skin and reduce its hyperpigmentation. With regular use, the pigmentation of scars can be reduced by up to 50%, so this component can also be found in creams that protect the skin from the sun, which hyperpigmentation enhances.

Volume: 20ml