Marine kolagen

One of the big hits of modern cosmetics is NUTRIKOSMETIKA. Many nutrients do not reach the areas where their effect is most effective through several layers of skin. For this reason, many cosmetic products have been transformed into oral form and have an internal effect. This fact also applies to the skin of beneficial collagen, which is why we decided to mediate it to you in hydrolyzed form.

For maximum purity of the sea collagen SMYSSLY, sophisticated ionic filtration and demineralization were used. In this food supplement you will find only hydrolysed pure fish collagen and other active substances, no mixture of collagen, fats, purine sugars or even the remains of antibiotics. In addition, its effects are demonstrated by clinical trials in which participants experienced skin firming up to 26.6%, skin tone uniformity by 15% and skin brightening by 10% after 12 weeks.

The French recipe of our Marine Collagen consists of 5 active ingredients:

Fish collagen Naticol®
Fish collagen is primarily composed of type I collagen peptides, which are well absorbed into the body and thus remain highly effective. It is obtained from high-quality raw fish skins by specific enzymatic hydrolysis. The process of demineralization and filtration has 100% purity, which is unique on the market with food supplements. Thanks to its purity, the maximum amount of active substances is absorbed into the body, which supports not only healing and maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin, but also joints and eventual weight loss.

Phytoceramides CERAMOSIDES®
Patented wheat germ derived phytoceramides increase the content of important ceramide in the skin. This restores its protective lipid barrier, improving hydration and overall health. According to clinical studies, the condition has improved after 2 weeks of use:
  • improved hydration by 23%, even 60% after 60 days
  • wrinkle reduction by 9%, after 60 days by 19%
  • better skin elasticity by 15%, after 60 days by 36%
  • skin softening by 63% after 60 days
  • fewer skin scales and stress relief in 75% of participants

Hyaluronic acid
The regenerative effect of acid protects the skin from external influences, keeps skin and tissues firm and elastic, and corrects problem skin problems. It has the greatest influence on the formation and disappearance of wrinkles. Upon penetration into the skin, each acid molecule can bind up to 1000 times the water's weight and thus fill deep wrinkles. Also, the newly acquired hydration significantly reduces the formation of new wrinkles. Vitamin C

An antioxidant contributing to the maintenance of the normal function of the immune system and skin, the constant production of collagen for the proper functioning of blood vessels, bone and cartilage functions. Vitamin C also contributes to the functioning of energy metabolism, nervous system activity, mental activity and improves iron absorption.

Zinc is one of the most important elements for our body, because it promotes proper cell development or optimal production of various hormones. But it also speeds up wound healing, improves the fight against acne and reduces hair loss.

All these active ingredients together create a dietary supplement that supports your body to function properly in all respects.

We process all ingredients obtained from France in Slovakia and always try to reduce the consumption of non-recyclable materials and waste generated by our company. Therefore, we decided not to pack collagen separately for each day, but we have it in a cardboard box and one hilly teaspoon represents the recommended daily dose, ie 5g.

Volume: 180g