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Shop Up Stories accepts brands every month
and promotes them for 3+ months.
Micro retail spaces
We know it is difficult to get a store in a popular location.
We know it is expensive, requires a long-term commitment, requires hiring staff and comes with big overhead costs.

Shop Up Stories aims to solve all of these challenges
by creating an environment for the collaboration of
independent brands.

So that, together, they can all benefit from sharing costs, utilising advanced tech and communicating with customers separately but creating an audience together.
How it works
Choose your space
Pick display units for your products:
Shelves, tables or racks.
Bring your products
Bring or ship your products to us.
Let the world know
Tell all your customers,
followers and the world that
you have a new store location
Watch sales grow
Get payment notifications realtime as we sell your products
What makes it magical?
We turn shelves and hangers
into opportunities for
success, growth and connections.
Great Location
We are opening stores in easy to reach, high traffic locations so that you can easily reach customers.
As much as you can afford
Use as much space as you like. With our adjustable display modules we can optimise the space to suit your products, and your pockets.
No long term committment
No yearly contracts, no long term commitments. We create a new batch of brands every 3 months.
All transactions are paid for by card and trigger instant payment notifications, automated receipts and invoicing on behalf of your company.
Managed by Shop Up Stories
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us on weekends and at night.
Hi-Tech Infrastructure
Shop Up Stories comes with in-store visitor analytics. That means from heat maps to people counters, consumer flows to visit to conversion ratios, we provide detailed reports for all of our physical stores.

Technology you never had before
With our strategic partners, we can provide in depth analytics and reports for the whole customer journey in our stores.
People Counter
With 98% accuracy, we can measure the number of people passing by and customers in-store, optimize staff allocation as well as marketing strategies. This technology delivers industry leading accuracy due to its hybrid stereo vision technology and provides multiple different data sets to help drive results.
Heat Map
We use heat maps to increase customer engagement levels, optimize their path to purchase and raise turnover per brand. With a unique algorithm and fish eyes lenses, heatmap solution allows us to follow the customers' journey inside our store and discover what are the areas that they are more attracted to.
Mood / Age / Gender Recognition
With our smart cameras, we can recognize age, gender and emotions of store visitors. Knowing demographic profile of potential and existing customers help us provide better service according to their preferences.
Representing a brand?
Starting with shelves and hangers,
we create retail opportunities
for growth and connection.
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Starting from online presence
to own dedicated retail space,
we have everything covered for you.
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A lunch set for a week / 1 person
490 Kč
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A lunch set for a week / 2 persons
990 Kč +
  • Pick one of our fixed priced rent & commission rate packages
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Frequently Asked Questions
Below, you can find the answers to
the most common questions we get!
How much does it cost to rent a unit?
There are more than 5 different units that any brand can get depending on their needs.
For accurate pricing, please get in touch with us.
Can i use the store as a pick up location for online purchases?
Yes. There is different pricing for using the location as a pick up point without being present in the store front. That means, we won't be displaying and selling your products but you can still keep your stock and products for the delivery and pick up in the storage area.
What is the minimum duration for renting a space?
Shop Up Stories accepts and promotes for 60 working days.
How are the payments handled?
Shop Up Stories is a cashless store. That means all transactions are card transactions and they are handled by our payments partner Slashpay and Wirecard.
Can customers pay cash?
Unfortunately no but they can buy Slashpay credits to use at the store for their transactions.
How will I know if someone has purchased a product from us?
All brands get instant payment notifications for all transactions. Depending on their choice, these notifications can be as email, SMS or app notifications. Brands can see the history of all transactions as well as transaction details not only online in their dashboard, but also from the mobile Seller app.
How often will I get paid?
We do monthly payouts with the help of our payment partners.
Do i need to attend the store or provide staff?
No, you don't have to be present at the store. We provide sales and in-store support for all the brands we work with.
Do you provide analytics / reporting?
Yes, you can instantly see all the transactions and sales related stats in seller mobile app or on your dashboard. We also provide detailed customer journey reports that includes consumer engagement with your brand within the store.
Do i need to provide info about my products?
Yes. We ask all the brands we work with to fill out a detailed brand and product information form. The more we know about you and your products, the better we can tell your story.